¡At Casa Baró we welcome the whole family!


  • The house can accommodate a maximum of three small breed pets or two large breed pets.
  • The house has containers for the animal’s food and drink.
  • All types of animals classified as highly dangerous, illegal and animals that are not company are excluded.
  • It is mandatory to comply with the safety regulations regarding the races considered dangerous.
  • The animal is not allowed to climb on the sofa, beds and rest of the furniture of the house. It is strictly forbidden to use bedding or bathing in the accommodation for rest or hygiene of the animal.
  • During their stay the owners have the obligation to keep the animal in optimum hygienic-sanitary conditions and with the veterinary documentation in order.
  • The owners will be fully responsible for the behavior of the animal, as well as possible damages to third parties or the furniture of the house, and will have to pay the costs in case of any damage to the facilities.
  • t is strictly forbidden to leave the animal alone inside the house. In the common areas, the owner will watch over the good behavior of the animal towards the establishment and the coexistence with the rest of the guests and pets housed.
  • Due to the need for an extra cleaning, the amount of € 7 per animal and day will be charged.